Binance Coin(BNB) Long-Term Technical Analysis 26/05

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BNB/USDT Technical Overview:-


BNB currently trading at $326
And trading in Parallel Channel which Top is $390 ( Resistance)

So If Upward side move then we can see max $390-$400
That will be best Exit Point if Price Goes up.

But Overall Long View is Bearish.

2023 will be best Accumulation Zone for BNB Lovers.

As Per Fin Retracement 0.5 Fib Level is $160 and 0.6 Fib Level is $113

So Mostly in Crypto 0.618 and 0.786 worked for Retracement level.
So 0.7 Fib level is $69.60

So As per my analysis I am expecting best Buy under $100 ( Maybe Long Wick for Liquidate Long Positions)

⛔️ Above Parallel Channel Resistance Bearish Chart Invalidated ( But Weekly candle must Close above Parallel Channel Resistance Line.

Keep it Simple:-
Best Entries:-
1st Entry :- $115
2nd Entry :- $70

I am Not Expecting BNB will go Under $50

Year 2020 Accumulation Area = $7-$38

But Keep in Mind:- I will Buy More BNB at Bottom or Dip ( Mean Under $100 if Price go below $100 )

Long Term My Target For BNB/USD is $3000-$5000

This is Not Financial Advice.
Do your Own Research Before Invest in Any Coins.

Thank you.

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