Ethereum Roadmap Analysis

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Ethereum currently trading at $1900-$2000 Range.

If we Talk about Previous Bull run Fractals $ETH High was $1463 in 2017-2018 Bull Run.

2018 Bear Market Sign..?
Ethereum 2018 Bear Market start with Head & Shoulder Pattern in Top.
And Also Start from BreakDown + Retest 20Days Moving Average in down side.

So After Break down support $ETH dumped -76% from Horizontal Support line.
And In 2019 ETH bottom was $80
High was :- $1463 and Low Was $80

Bear Market End with Same Support line Upward side Breakout and Its happened in August 2020 and Bull run Start of Ethereum.
After Breakout Ethereum Made All time high at $4870

And Now..? ( 2021-2022 Bull Market)
As Per chart same Pattern and all same in chart.
So expecting Same Fractals in this time also.

2021 Bull Run Top was $4870

And 2022 Bear Market Start with Same Head & Shoulder Pattern in Top.
And also 20Days Moving Average Break Down.

So Now H&S Pattern Break down Confirmed and Horizontal support also At break Down Point.

As Per Previous Fractals My Prediction are below:-

🔸September-October 2022 = $ETH bottom Around = $500-$600

🔸April-May 2023 = $ETH Test Resistance = $1900-$2000 Level

🔸December 2023-January 2024 = ETH again test $550-$650 Level ( Double Bottom)

🔸June-July 2024 = $ETH Reclaim Horizontal Resistance and Breakout = $2000-$2200

🔸February-March 2025 = Ethereum Will Hit New All Time High = $15000-$16000

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