FileCoin 500% Potential from here As per Technical Analysis

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#FIL/USDT Technical Analysis: 

#Filecoin Technical Analysis By CryptoPatel

Currently, $FIL is trading at $6.10, which is a significant -97.65% down from its  all-time high. 

The cryptocurrency has gone down -99% from its peak but has  recovered well in the past three months, rising up to 300%. 

It is still 122% up from its recent low in December. 

At present, the market is in an uptrend, but a significant upward rally is expected only after some more retracement.

It is possible that the price could drop by another 20% from its current level before an upward trend begins. 

The best entry point for investors would be at the  support level area. 

For the cryptocurrency $FILUSDT to be fully in  bullish mode, it needs to break upward the  resistance level at $9.

Once this happens, the price could reach the target of $26 in the next bull market.  It is possible that the price may go higher, but a minimum target of $26 seems reasonable. 

Investors should keep an eye on the  support level at $4.80 and the resistance levels at $8.95 and $26.10. 

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