HBAR/USDT ( Congrats 26% down From our Entry )

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#HBAR/USDT Technical Analysis:- 

As per my analysis of the HBAR/USDT chart, HBAR is currently trading at a  support level of $0.058. However, it has experienced a significant drop of 26% from our previous level. I hope that you have saved money and earned profits. 

Considering the global scenario, it does not seem favorable. Therefore, it is advisable to be prepared with your position and take short positions to secure your profits. 

In my analysis, if HBAR manages to hold its current  support level of $0.058, we might witness an upward rally. However, there is a possibility of another dump towards the $0.044 level. 

If you plan to open a long position, it is recommended to set a stop-loss at $0.054. In the long term, HBAR seems  bullish , so you can take advantage of every big dip to grab HBAR. 

The support levels for HBAR/USDT are at $0.058 and $0.044, while the resistance levels are at $0.074 and $0.090. 

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