Is Bitcoin Headed for a Dip? Predictions Point to $19000 Within 3 Months

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#Bitcoin Technical Analysis Overview:-

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Bitcoin analysis by CryptoPatel
  • Bitcoin faced strong resistance at the weekly level of $24500 and 50-day EMA.
  • Bitcoin’s price is predicted to drop to $19000 within the next three months if it does not surpass the $25000 level.
  • A breach of the $25000 resistance level could lead to a significant price surge towards $32000.
  • It is crucial to monitor the resistance level at $24500 and consider purchasing at the support level of $19000.
  • This analysis is not financial advice, and investors should conduct their own research before investing.
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I am Expecting Some more Retracement in Bitcoin Price chart. and No Doubt Bitcoin is Super Bullish in Long Term.

– CryptoPatel

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